Scripting a Follower

I'll begin, as I generally do, with a cube. I'll color it yellow, with the top (positive Z) blue and the front (positive X) red. SL vehicles generally move in the direction of +X, and generally have their Z axis pointing up, so this is the natural place to start. We'll be extending our script... Continue Reading →

Web Output from Notecards

Remember a while back, when I was processing a list of positions and normals to create a list of positions and angles, for a roller coaster. Well, we're back. Last time, in Y-Face-Normal Rotation, I talked about how I worked out the angles I needed. A script I've not written about, took Dizzi's input data... Continue Reading →

Moving a Child Prim

My friend BBoySpectre has an idea for a boat ride where people can be on the boa and can move around with their arrow keys as usual. He doesn't want them to fly off the boat as it moves, so he has in mind they'll be sitting on prims, like pose balls, that are part... Continue Reading →

Y-Face-Normal Rotation??

My sister Dizzi, as she does, came up with a new and exciting problem for me to solve. I love when this happens. Really. Well, kind of. After I solve it, if not before. And this one is about rotations, my favorite scripting foe.

It’s Alive!

After a long time away, I'm working to revive this site, with some new articles on scripting, at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

Please view, comment, link to, and promote the site, if you possibly can! Thanks!

Angles, Eulers, and Rotations

I had occasion to try to help a friend on the NCI Scripters list. They were starting out to figure out how to rotate something, and having a little trouble. I always have trouble when I get back to doing rotations after a time away from them, so I can relate. My friend was editing... Continue Reading →

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