Web Output from Notecards

Remember a while back, when I was processing a list of positions and normals to create a list of positions and angles, for a roller coaster. Well, we're back. Last time, in Y-Face-Normal Rotation, I talked about how I worked out the angles I needed. A script I've not written about, took Dizzi's input data... Continue Reading →

It’s Alive!

After a long time away, I'm working to revive this site, with some new articles on scripting, at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Please view, comment, link to, and promote the site, if you possibly can! Thanks!

Agile Software Development

On one of the scripting groups yesterday, there were a few comments about Agile. One was to the effect that someone looking for a scripter wanted one who could take an Agile approach to trying things and improving the product dynamically. The other comment was that Linden Lab is using Agile, which explains the quality... Continue Reading →

Discovering Texture Offsets

Joshewa Daniels asked about a way to display a desired number from an array of numbers in a texture. This means, of course, that one needs to calculate the offsets and scales. I don't really know how to do that, but I know how to figure it out. Here's how I do it. Joshewa has... Continue Reading →

Testing warpPos

There is a well-known script fragment called warpPos, which moves an object a long distance quickly, exploiting an interesting property of llSetPrimitiveParams. My purpose here is to analyze warppos, test it, possibly improve it. The usual non-physical way of positioning an object might use llSetPos. But llSetPos is limited to ten meters of motion. If... Continue Reading →

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