Testing warpPos

There is a well-known script fragment called warpPos, which moves an object a long distance quickly, exploiting an interesting property of llSetPrimitiveParams. My purpose here is to analyze warppos, test it, possibly improve it. The usual non-physical way of positioning an object might use llSetPos. But llSetPos is limited to ten meters of motion. If... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Do This?

Why do I do what I do in this odd world? I've been wondering that myself. Dizzi and I close our days quite often with a sisterly chat at about 9 PM my time and 2 AM her time. Don't ask me why she stays up that late: I certainly wouldn't. We talk about our... Continue Reading →

Packaging a Product

I'm thinking about how to package up our wonderful new vehicles. Here are my thoughts so that I won't lose them. I'm happy to share them with you and hope they'll give you good ideas. If you have ideas better than mine, please comment. Dizzi and I have been working on a number of vehicles... Continue Reading →

Some first thoughts

I am a Valkyrie in Second Life. Unlike my dear sister Dizzi, who is 1026 years old, I am ashamed to reveal my age, because I am too young to be of any consequence. Still, I have learned a few things about this new world, Second Life, and I hope to share them with you.... Continue Reading →

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