Some first thoughts

I am a Valkyrie in Second Life. Unlike my dear sister Dizzi, who is 1026 years old, I am ashamed to reveal my age, because I am too young to be of any consequence. Still, I have learned a few things about this new world, Second Life, and I hope to share them with you. I have in mind a few topic areas that I may write about from time to time.

I will surely write about scripting, because I enjoy learning it and want to share my joy of it with others. I’ll probably try to create some little tutorials, and will post examples as well.

I’ll write about adventures that we have from time to time, and will include pictures if I remember to take any and they turn out. I often forget to put virtual film in my virtual camera.

And I’ll write about people — not individuals, as I value their privacy as much as I do my own — but about the kinds of people I encounter and my thoughts on what’s up with them.

I might even write about love.


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