Why Do I Do This?

It's Good to Have Wings
It's Good to Have Wings

Why do I do what I do in this odd world? I’ve been wondering that myself.

Dizzi and I close our days quite often with a sisterly chat at about 9 PM my time and 2 AM her time. Don’t ask me why she stays up that late: I certainly wouldn’t. We talk about our lives here and in the so-called “real” life, with no particular purpose but to stay in touch and talk about stuff. I was a little down last night for no reason I could identify, and our chat got me thinking and cheered me up a bit.

I do a number of things here in SL. I help out at NCI as a helper and officer, and I’ve just taken on some responsibility to maintain our scripting notecard and to organize the scripts in our freebie collection. I hang out and gab with people. I go dancing with them what brung me.

And mostly, I script, and write about it. Both of those are rather lonely work.

I’ve written some very nice scripts. The vehicles on our Valkyrie lands use scripts that I wrote. There are point-to-point teleporters, odd performance measuring tools, all kinds of things. In my 2 1/2 years here, I’ve gone from being a beginner and script hacker to (I think and don’t disabuse me) a very capable scripter who writes reliable scripts in a way that makes them quite clear and easy to change.

Still, it is lonely work. Very odd for a social and visual medium like SL. Why do I do it?

And then, for Freja’s sake, why do I blog about it here, where all six of my readers can read about it? That’s lonely work too!

Well, I think I know the answer: I seem to be fairly good at it, I seem to be able to get better at it, and that makes me feel good about myself.

So think about this:

What do you do every day that makes you feel a bit better about yourself?

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