Fear of Elephants

Well, who wouldn't be afraid of elephants? Those long snake noses, those stompy feet. Even the bravest of men, even wordsmiths, even poets and bards fear them. Fraught with danger they are, lurking around corners, hiding behind every tree. They are quite wiley -- They attack without warning, leaving an elephant-shaped hole in your heart.

Viking Ship

Crocs on feet on piso mojado floor CNN on wall chicken or fish fries with that? Pretty girl in pink sparkling shoes pounds her fists left on right, right on left. Stupid boy in backward cap talks too loud phone on ear shades on hat.   Tall black man on CNN pounds his blame you're... Continue Reading →


Cheap blue-cap uniball pen, Oh point seven, what does that mean? I can see right through you -- There are no good words in you.

Too Late

Now that you are dead, and unlikely to be reading this, there are a few things I'd like to say. It's not my fault that I'm beautiful, nor am I blaming you for being smitten. One thing just led to another as they always do at times like that. In a way, it's good that... Continue Reading →

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