Viking Ship

Crocs on feet on piso mojado floor
CNN on wall
chicken or fish
fries with that?

Pretty girl in pink sparkling shoes
pounds her fists
left on right,
right on left.

Stupid boy in backward cap
talks too loud
phone on ear
shades on hat.


Tall black man on CNN
pounds his blame
you’re like bush
just like bush
we need more change.

Near-death man on CNN
pounds black man
no experience elitist
I stand for change
the same old change.

Shrieking woman in flannel
can’t answer anything
doesn’t know anything
don’t pick on her ’cause
she’s a girl.


Put me back on my Viking ship
where when you die
you get sent back home
where butterflies and flowers too
are made of pixels.

Pixels can’t cry
pixels can’t die
but pixels can dance
and they don’t need change.

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