Moving a Child Prim

My friend BBoySpectre has an idea for a boat ride where people can be on the boa and can move around with their arrow keys as usual. He doesn't want them to fly off the boat as it moves, so he has in mind they'll be sitting on prims, like pose balls, that are part... Continue Reading →

Angles, Eulers, and Rotations

I had occasion to try to help a friend on the NCI Scripters list. They were starting out to figure out how to rotate something, and having a little trouble. I always have trouble when I get back to doing rotations after a time away from them, so I can relate. My friend was editing... Continue Reading →

Introduction to States

The Linden Scripting Language, LSL, has two aspects that are a bit unlike other languages you may know, events, and states. We've had a brief Introduction to Events: now let's talk about states. One of the essential aspects of any programming or scripting language is the ability to make a decision. This is usually provided... Continue Reading →

More Comments on Comments

I was reviewing the blog yesterday and looked at my¬†Comments on Comments article. As often happens when you revisit code after a while, I think I can do better. So let's give it a try. Here I am standing in Kuula with my trusty rotating cube. ¬† Here's our program as we left it last... Continue Reading →

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