Leveling Up in Second Life

by Janet Rossini
Chaotic Neutral 24th Level Second Life Mage Vixen

This is the first in a series of articles explaining the goals of the Game of Second Life, with a focus on the available ways of leveling up. It is important to be aware that Second Life is a very complex “world”, and there are very many different paths to reaching the top, or 24th Level.

Some of the information here should be well known to almost everyone. Even in this case, most of this information has not been codified and placed in context, which I will attempt to do here. However, some of what is here may be new to many or most individuals, especially those who have not risen above Level 10.

This is not a series of “cheat” articles. Critical information will be left out, so that each individual can find his or her own best way to reach the top.

In this article I will describe how to attain the Diadem of Cornelius, which grants the wearer a 100x Factor of Masculinity if male and a 150x Femininity Multiplier if female.

Diadem of Cornelius

The Diadem of Cornelius was won by Cornelius (who else?) at the great Battle of Dragon Ridge in the no longer existent region of Squindilla. The details of the Battle are not important, but it is necessary to be aware that Cornelius was battling the great Queen Amadala (yes, that one) and that he won in an unseemly fashion that cannot be described in this G-rated blog. This is the reason for the asymmetric power distribution to the Diadem’s owner (100x male, 150x female).

It is said that the Diadem also increases the bust of its female wearers, but I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor for reasons those who know me will readily understand.

The Diadem itself is beautiful. It is studded with diamonds and has a small particle emission property that causes it to release tiny green winged beetles when it is in the presence of danger. The beetles, if the wearer is a Mage of greater than level 13, or a Cleric above level 17, will form a Shell of Protection around the wearer, adding +15 to their Armor Level.

Attaining the Diadem

In order to attain the Diadem of Cornelius and accrue its benefits, the best way is to find and kill the Turtle King.

Unfortunately, the Turtle King is the Turtle that holds up another world (not this one). As a result, the only access to the Turtle King himself is by working your way up an infinite series of Turtles, starting with The 1st Turtle. Yes, it really is Turtles all the way up. In this, the old legends are accurate.

Each Turtle has different Powers and Vulnerabilities.

For example, the 14th Turtle is completely invulnerable to all weapons, physical and magical. The only way to dispatch14 is to tell him stories that are so sad that he has no alternative but to die.

The difficulty with this, however, is that the 15th Turtle, right above, has an extremely warped sense of humor. Sad stories fill him with great humor, increasing his power immensely. So each sad story that you tell to 14 adds power to 15. By the time 14 offs himself, the 15th Turtle has become unimaginably powerful. If you attempt to interact with Turtle 15 in any way, he will immediately dispatch you with a single puff of incredibly foul Turtle Breath, which, given his immense power, is invariably and painfully fatal.

The secret of Turtle 15 will not be revealed here. Consider, however, what might happen to even the most powerful being were it to be fallen upon by an infinite number of immense Turtles.

Finding the Turtles

There are two ways to find the Turtles that I believe are worth mentioning. The first is likely to result in your demise, or at least a reduction of at least 7 Levels, if you have them. However, if you wish to go that way, you can find the base of the Turtle Column after solving the Puzzles of the Fiery Fjords of Frottenham. Most of these Puzzles are simple enough for the experienced gamer. Perhaps as many as twenty have passed this Quest successfully.

The second way to find the Turtles is, in my opinion, a far better way to go.

Let the Turtles find you. Yes! When you are ready, the Turtles will find you.

The best way to proceed is to take up a true “second life” in Second Life. Treat SL as if it were a world, for indeed it is a world. Set yourself goals of discovery and joy. Find the things in Second Life that please you. Learn things, enhance your general skills. Make friends, and form relationships. Learn to build things. Learn to help others.

When you are worthy, the Turtles will find you. And until that day, you’ll find that Second Life is enjoyable and fun all on its own.

3 thoughts on “Leveling Up in Second Life

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  1. Coming Soon: Negotiating the Miasma of Bewilderment.
    Also: Acquisition and Usage of Second Life Cheese.

  2. Only Cheese? What about the vital importance of lime marmalade and towels? You’re performing a vital public service here, don’t stop halfway!


  3. Fear not. When the Resident is ready to hear about the Deeper Mysteries, such as Lime Marmalade and its importance before meeting the horrible Death Muffins, I shall be here to help them.

    As for towels, or, to give them their proper name, LifeTowels, I have arranged things such that, when a Seeker receives her first LifeTowel in inventory, it comes with a notecard explaining the basics, and linking to a secret article on this site that gives a bit more detail.

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