New Project: KV

I'm working on a new project, a Key-Value database capability for SL. I'll appreciate any feedback, interest, or comments. I'm not sure at this point if I'll just publish everything I know, or offer a service, or what. Anyway, if interested please let me know ... and pass it on. Thanks!

Lesson Learned: Shared Code View

Often when scripting, we make mistakes. The longer mistakes stay in the script without being caught, the harder they seem to be to find. Then finally some strange problem arises and it is hard to hunt down the cause. It's well known that having two sets of eyes on the code makes things go better... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned: Tiny Modules

I'm used to writing programs that consist of a fair number of object "classes", with multiple objects, messages between them, and the like. I've written programs in procedural languages, using lots of small functions. Most RL programming languages provide some way of managing the program in pieces. In LSL, I found myself writing programs that... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned: Code Repository

As we worked to get the Alpine Executive Center up and running, we made new versions of a lot of scripts. It wasn't just a matter of dragging and dropping existing scripts in, although in retrospect it could have been more like that than it was. But even if we had done the very best... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned: Single Builder

On our installation of our vehicle technology at the Alpine Executive Center, Dizzi and I both worked on things. Dizzi made the routes, which are represented in notecards. She put scripts into the cog rail and tested it and built a rezzer for it at one point. (Now that I think of it, she did... Continue Reading →

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