Lesson Learned: Shared Code View

Often when scripting, we make mistakes. The longer mistakes stay in the script without being caught, the harder they seem to be to find. Then finally some strange problem arises and it is hard to hunt down the cause. It’s well known that having two sets of eyes on the code makes things go better and faster. Studies of “pair programming” have shown that programmers working together are just as productive in terms of lines of code as when they work separately, but that they produce substantially fewer bugs.

Second Life gives us no help on this. It is inconvenient even to pass a script from your workspace to a friend’s, because you are probably working inside the object and to pass them a copy you need to move it through your inventory. It is sometimes possible to save and let another person read a copy, and this is something I’d like to try more.

There is a site named pastebin.com, that lets you post text and anyone who has its URL can look at it and even edit it. It may turn out to be a useful tool in collaborating. 

What we really need is a shared editor.

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