Lesson Learned: Code Repository

As we worked to get the Alpine Executive Center up and running, we made new versions of a lot of scripts. It wasn’t just a matter of dragging and dropping existing scripts in, although in retrospect it could have been more like that than it was. But even if we had done the very best along those lines, there are always going to be version changes as we go along. How could we manage them?

We passed scripts back and forth frequently. The result of that was that we almost always had almost the right version in our inventory and we could almost always almost find it. In other words, to quote our government, “Mistakes Were Made”. 

We would have done better, I believe, if we had had a small CVS or Subversion repository, and the habit of always keeping the current scripts in there. If we needed to make a change, we might edit a script in place, but if so, we would then extract it and make it the current version in the repository.  That way, everyone (just two of us but you never know) would be able to see the current versions whenever we needed to make another change. It might also make it easier to keep all the vehicles and rezzers synched up. Certainly wouldn’t make it worse.

It might even have been possible to have used the test bed on our own land more extensively, and then use a code repository as a staging area for loading the AEC’s objects. In any case, the repository, and using it in a patterned way, would give us more certainty that we knew what was running at any given time. It might even have saved us from one slightly unfortunate branch that still troubles me.

I’m not sure where we could host such a thing. Perhaps there is a free location out there, and I believe that Dizzi controls some RL web sites where we might put these things. In any case, I think it would help.

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  1. I realise this is an old post but reading it made me think and brought me to a suggestion you might want to consider in future, or if not yourself it may be of benefit to future readers.

    It’s an addon for eclipse called LSL Plus, doing a search on google will soon find it. As it is an eclipse addon you get the benefit of eclipse’s native support for CVS which would do exactly what you mention. It has a few other advantages like the ability to optimise the output script in various ways while at the same time allowing you to use more expressive (but sometimes less efficient) code in your program that is then optimised before being uploaded to SL and it can do various useful testing features including some sim simulation, script, object and avatar interaction.

    As for where to host the CVS itself it is fairly simply to set up in my case I just host it on a machine at home and let the others access it from there but that is online usually 24/7 baring the odd blip, it might not be such an option unless someone can provision a fairly reliable uptime though in this case perfection and access the majority of the time may be sufficient though having available websites there may be implementations in such as PHP or other scripting languages that could provide a similar service.

    Anyway just wanted to mention it in case it was useful to someone.

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