Y-Face-Normal Rotation??

My sister Dizzi, as she does, came up with a new and exciting problem for me to solve. I love when this happens. Really. Well, kind of. After I solve it, if not before. And this one is about rotations, my favorite scripting foe.

It’s Alive!

After a long time away, I'm working to revive this site, with some new articles on scripting, at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Please view, comment, link to, and promote the site, if you possibly can! Thanks!

Angles, Eulers, and Rotations

I had occasion to try to help a friend on the NCI Scripters list. They were starting out to figure out how to rotate something, and having a little trouble. I always have trouble when I get back to doing rotations after a time away from them, so I can relate. My friend was editing... Continue Reading →

Scripting Overview

I've become fascinated by Second Life scripting, and I think I'm getting fairly good at it. This blog isn't intended so much as an introduction to scripting, as an exploration of how to do scripting well. There are some introductory articles as well. I hope you find all of them helpful. Introductions to LSL Concepts... Continue Reading →

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