Agile Software Development

On one of the scripting groups yesterday, there were a few comments about Agile. One was to the effect that someone looking for a scripter wanted one who could take an Agile approach to trying things and improving the product dynamically. The other comment was that Linden Lab is using Agile, which explains the quality... Continue Reading →

KV Basics

Let's talk a bit here about the basics of how my key-value system works. It'll take a few articles to fill in all the details, but I'll try to keep each section self-sufficient. Each one may leave you wanting more details, and I plan to provide them. I'll also watch the comments on the articles... Continue Reading →

Key-Value? What and why?

Let's talk a bit about key-value storage. What is it, why have I chosen it, what's it good for, how might one use it? A key-value store is like a hash table, hash map, or map, if you're familiar with those terms. There are keys, and values. In our case, both the keys and the... Continue Reading →

Persistent Storage Goals

What got me interested in this little project? Well, I'm not entirely sure, but of course in the programming world you hear about the cloud and microservices all the time. Anyway I thought it would be interesting to learn about and play with. Combine that with things going on in SL and the general difficulty... Continue Reading →

NEW!! Persistent Storage for SL

Every now and again, you have a need for some "Persistent Storage" in SL. Maybe you want to track your visitors, or keep track of their scores, points, and inventory in some quest game, or something. I've been working on a way to do that using Amazon Web Services and I'll write some articles about that.

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