Commercial Installation!

I’m just delighted to announce that our vehicle technology has been installed in a cog rail car and a two-car train, at the Alpine Executive Center on MeetingSupport island. This is an alpine-themed region with extensive conferencing facilities for Real Life visitors to enjoy a virtual reality meeting with a bit of skiing and other fun thrown in.

We had found the area a while back and noticed the trains that were then under construction. We rather immodestly mentioned that they might like to look at our vehicles in Lexicolo. After they took a look, they agreed. We put together an agreement and then Dizzi and I did the installation.

We mapped the tracks using the route mapping technique used in current rides such as the balloon, rather than lay new tracks and use our track-following software. We scripted the locomotives, and the passenger car on the two-car train, and adapted an experiment of Dizzi’s to make the passenger car follow the locomotive. 

We built a rezzer for the cog rail, and emergency rezzers for the other train, for use in the very unlikely event that the existing cars get deleted. Dizzi made a very nice map of the area, one for each station, showing “You are here” and the current position of the train.

In all, the project went very smoothly, and the customer is very happy.

I’ll write more later about what we learned. For now: Yay for us!

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  1. Hello readers, In-world I am TonyEMS Heying, owner of the Alpine Executive Center. I want to congratulate Janet and Dizzi for their incredible work on our trains, which have been out of commission since the Havoc-4 upgrade was initiated.

    Valkyrie Transport has come up with some amazing and creative solutions which now have our two trains running smoothly. The engine and passenger car follow the track precisely and close to the surface. The passenger car follows the locomotive perfectly and visitors’ avatars can get on and off with ease.

    I also admire their creative solution to install site maps of the sim at the two train-station stops, so you can always see the precise position of the train and passenger car on the facility on the dynamically updated map. I am very impressed, Thank you, Janet and Dizzi. Toot toot! Chug chug! Ding ding!

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